ONE Digital Technologies

The ONE Digital platform is an end-to-end, automated digital supply chain system for the distribution and administration of media assets. Our technology enables content owners to easily manage the monetization of their media and provides a transparent console to monitor the asset processing, delivery and performance (sales) on a daily basis.

INgrooves and INscribe Digital utilize the ONE Digital platform to deliver the best service in digital distribution & asset management in the industry. ONE Digital has been developed over the past eight years to become the #1 music delivery platform and has now added eBooks to its product roster.

  • ONE Digital is your digital media supply-chain in the “cloud” – we host all of your content but provide you local access and control.
  • The ONE Digital software system is used by content owners to automate the syndication of their assets to hundreds of online and mobile outlets.
  • ONE Digital currently handles 22 unique asset types including all music audio and video products, eBook, mobile personalization products and images.
  • ONE Digital delivers and manages digital assets for over 2,000 content partners.
  • ONE Digital has over 150 commercial online and mobile retail deals around the world.
  • ONE Digital is able to deliver content under your contract or its own agreements.
  • Automated rights management ensures that your content gets to the right place at the right time.


Our entire organization is staffed by senior engineers, and there is no non-technical or non-software producing management. INgrooves/ONE Digital has a radical approach to enterprise application development. Specifically, we develop enterprise software as if it were shrink-wrap software, therefore the software is installable on any platform and scales to the enterprise level!


  • Integration with existing media companies wishing to outsource the digital supply chain.
  • Consultation and implementation for custom deployments of the software platform.
  • Logistics support for the ingestion, processing and accounting of content for dedicated retail channels.
  • Publish public and private API’s via web services to facilitate remote client and vendor custom operations.

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